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Wallpaper Xe is a desktop changer tool that gives you a feeling of freshness on your desktop by switching Desktop wallpapers according to your choice. All your favorite images and pictures can be very easily configured to be shown on your desktop. Furthermore, all your wallpaper settings such as style,color, timer, resolution, position, background etc are fully customizable which gives you total control over your desktop environment. Enjoy a beautiful and colorful desktop with a lot of options to choose from, and to select the settings that suits you the best.
Wallpaper Xe is definitely one of the best wallpaper changer software in the market which saves you from the boring and cumbersome task of manually changing your wallpaper. Even the Windows default wallpaper changer has some limitations and lack of features which makes Wallpaper Xe the perfect friend of your desktop. Using this software tool, you can easily set any of your images and movies as desktop wallpapers with just a few clicks. User-friendly interface makes this task very easy and fast to execute. Wallpaper Xe Supports over 30 popular graphics formats (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, PCD, FPX, JBG, etc).It also supports HTML wallpaper(Active desktop),which is great for putting animation, sound clip, or movie on your desktop. Added features include the option to make your desktop icons text transparent, allowing your desktop wallpaper to show through. You can also customize hotkeys to control your wallpaper changer easily.
Wallpaper Xe also allows you to program itself to rotate your wallpapers at a specified time period (seconds, minutes, hours, or even days).

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